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AETAS, from a dream to reality | Sparkling water

August 19, 2017

Laura Bridges, a new yorker that moved to San Francisco Bay to follow her adventurours heart.


When she was about to turn thirty, she started to ask her self  "What am I doing with my life?", the question that everyone at some point of their lifes asked themselves. Laura realized that she was lacking of the passionate feeling about anything she was doing. She chose to go onto a trip to Costa Rica to seek for its beautiful natural wildlife, without knowing that this trip would  uncover her new life's passion.

In her vacation she regained a connection with nature. Afraid and concern about leaving the place where she felt like a curious kid back again. She wanted to find a way to preserved those  objects she studied their texture and put them back where they belonged. She dreamed of taking them back with her, in a wearable form; as jewelry




Now, she needed her creative dream to come true. Her first thought was the fact that she didn't go to art school and neither consider herself very "artistic." Still, she conquered her thoughts with her overwhelming curiosity. She just requiered to  figure out how to make jewelry out of natural objects. So, she took classes of metal-smithing and lost-wax casting. And finally, in 2014 she began a journery with her own jewelry line, AETAS.



AETAS - from Latin, Era. They are eco-friendly fine artifacts of our era. All made from recycled and refined bronze and silver. Laura's current Spring Collection (2017) is called Silvae, meaning forest. This unique collection is inspired in Bay area's nature and made out of hand-molded pieces of selected seeds, bark and twigs from the forest floor. This collection has managed to inmortalize their strong, natural texture with chic shapes to be worn as a distintive statement.



Laura's story is not just to be told, but to inspire. Get out of your comfort zone, and stop creating limits to yourself. You are way more capable than you think. The only thing you need to accomplished your "crazy" dreams is your desire, curiosity and constant hard work. I'm glad I got to meet Laura and her story.



Keep your dreams bold,

Pri :)




Photo credits: Priscilla Law Photography

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